In the Sector for Interregional Cooperation and European Integration, in accordance with the law and the Statute and established foreign policy of the Republic of Serbia, the work of the provincial administration is carried out in connection with: interregional cooperation and maintaining and improving the relations of the AP Vojvodina with other regions, international organizations and institutions that bring the regions together; by participating in the conclusion and implementation of interregional agreements; by creating, collecting, storing and publishing information on interregional cooperation of AP Vojvodina; coordinating and promoting the cooperation of provincial administration bodies and local self-government bodies in the field of achieving interregional, cross-border and transnational cooperation, in relations with the European Commission and other expert bodies of the European Union, as well as cooperation with regions from member states, candidates and potential candidates in the process of European integration , and in cooperation with the Ministry for European Integration of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; by creating the conditions and developing the administrative capacities of the provincial administration for the implementation of projects financed from the funds of the European Union, donations and other forms of development assistance; coordinating the activities of all provincial administrative bodies in the process of programming European Union instruments, which include AP Vojvodina; giving guidelines to local self-government units and provincial authorities for inclusion in the project activities of European institutions; providing funds for co-financing and pre-financing of projects; purposeful spending of funds for the realization of projects in the field of interregional cooperation; by monitoring participation in activities on the preparation and implementation of macro-regional strategies; by participating in the establishment of offices or other forms through which cooperation with appropriate territorial communities and local self-government units of other countries will be carried out within the foreign policy of the Republic of Serbia; study and analytical work is carried out in the field of European integration and monitoring the compliance of regulations with European legislation and standards; the participation of AP Vojvodina representatives in the work of negotiating groups for the accession of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union is coordinated, in cooperation with the Ministry for European Integration of the Government of the Republic of Serbia; cooperation with the office of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina in Brussels; also, other jobs in the field of European integration are carried out, as well as diplomatic and consular activities on the territory of AP Vojvodina; activities are undertaken to fulfill contractual obligations in the field of diplomatic and consular relations; and official records of issued diplomatic and official passports and visas are kept.

In the sector for interregional cooperation and European integration, the narrowest internal unit is:
Department for interregional cooperation and European integration.