In the Local Self-Government and Legal Affairs Sector, in accordance with the law and the Statute, the tasks of the provincial administration are performed in connection with: monitoring the implementation of the local self-government system ; monitoring and analyzing the work of local assemblies; by preparing acts for the Provincial Government, which proposes to the Government of the Republic of Serbia the dissolution of the assembly of the local self-government unit on the territory of AP Vojvodina; by giving prior consent to the assembly of the local self-government unit on the territory of AP Vojvodina, when determining holidays and deciding on the names of streets, squares, city districts, hamlets and other parts of populated areas on the territory of the local self-government unit; by supervising the legality of the work and acts of local self-government bodies on the territory of AP Vojvodina, in cooperation with the competent provincial administration bodies; by monitoring and applying the regulations on the direct declaration of citizens and the analysis of the conducted local elections, which informs the Provincial Government and the Assembly of AP Vojvodina; harmonizing and encouraging cooperation between AP Vojvodina and local self-government units on its territory; providing professional and advisory assistance to local self-government units; proposing and supporting measures in the field of building the local self-government system; encouraging inter-municipal cooperation and connection; encouraging the association and partnerships of local self-government units in joint projects; by equalizing capacities and modernizing the work of local administration; monitoring the implementation of all forms of local self-government in local self-government units; by collecting and studying data from its scope; by creating expert analyses, reports, information and other materials on issues from the original and entrusted affairs of local self-government in the area of AP Vojvodina; as well as the preparation of internal acts adopted by the provincial secretary; monitoring the situation, proposing measures and implementing activities in the field of staff development; monitoring of activities related to programs in the field of personnel development, rights and obligations of employees from employment; ability check upon admission to employment and during work; in this sector, other legal-analytical tasks are performed which contribute to the development of the system of local self-government and human resources, as well as other tasks entrusted to the Secretariat by law, provincial assembly decision or other regulation.

In the sector for local self-government and legal issues, the narrower internal units are:

Department for Local Self-Government and Legal Affairs, which includes the Group for Human Resources Management.

In the Department for General, Material-Financial and Joint Affairs, tasks of common interest to the Secretariat are performed: administrative-technical, material-financial, bookkeeping, statistical-recording, IT and operational-professional tasks that ensure efficient and coordinated operation of all internal units; internal general acts adopted by the secretary are prepared; dedicated spending of funds for the work of the Secretariat is planned; financial and accounting data are controlled; monitoring, collecting and preparing information for the presentation of the work of the Secretariat in the preparation of work informants and other presentation documents; tasks of organizing communication with representatives of the public information media and other tasks related to organizing and unifying the work of internal organizational units of the Secretariat and cooperation with other bodies are carried out.