Certificates awarded to the participants of the programme “Regional Development Management through the EU Funds“

Nebojša Vojnović, the Undersecretary of the Provincial Secretariat for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation and Local Self – Government said at the award of the certificates to the participants of the specialised programme “Regional Development Management through the EU Funds“, which was held at the University of Novi Sad Rectorate building, that the Provincial Government and competent secretariat had supported all methods of education and professional development, and the experience had proved that there had been a lack of educated staff in this area.
– We have made it possible for the participants to attend the training that will direct them to understand the European Union policies.

As a Provincial Secretariat, we have supported the project because we would like to have educated staff who have attended such training, understood European processes and is trained to attract European funds in the forthcoming years  – stated the Undersecretary Vojnović.

According to Mr Vojnović, it is good that there are people who are willing to invest in their progress and education and who are willing to invest in the society they are part of.
– You are a generation of people that is to converge Serbia to modern trends, and you should seek and find answers to questions related to a project cycle management, such as the followings : capacity building, networking and the European Union development programmes – the Undersecretary Vojnović stressed, and added that the participants of this specialised programme had successfully adopted the relevant knowledge and skills that would enable them to actively participate in the European integration processes, particularly through the process of the European funds’ active management, aiming to achieve regional development of Vojvodina.

Vidosava Enderić, Director of the “European Affairs” fund, stated that it had been the second training cycle organised by the AP Vojvodina “European Affairs” fund in cooperation with the University of Novi Sad, supported by the Provincial Government, and that the programme participants were the employees at the local self – governments, provincial administration, development agencies and other institutions.
– 30 participants have completed the second training cycle, and they are trained to apply the acquired knowledge and increase the capacities related to the absorption of the European funds in their communities – Ms Enderić stated.