“Suppliers’ Day – Metal, Plastics, Rubber 2019”

A traditional event “Suppliers’ Day – Metal, Plastics, Rubber 2019” opened at Congress Centre “Master” of Novi Sad Fair, which is dedicated, this year, to automotive supply industry, with emphasis to rubber & plastic and metal processing sector.

The Provincial Secretary for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-Government Ognjen Bjelić opened the event and emphasised that the role of suppliers in the modern business is an indispensable factor in the functioning of the economy.

“I am convinced the the event “Suppliers’ Day” represents a suitable mechanism for promoting economic opportunities available in AP Vojvodina and a chance to exchange experience in order to maximise the strengthening of all stakeholders who contribute to the development of our economy” – Bjelić said.

He recalled that, in the last three years, the Provincial Secretariat for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-Government allocated 1,100,000.00 RSD to business entities from a special budgetary fund for the procurement of production equipment and new jobs. As the Secretary stated, 120 beneficiaries of these funds, together with subsidies, significantly raised their productivity and expanded production, and employment increased by as many as 2000 new jobs.

Moreover, Bjelić pointed out that a large part of these funds was directed towards strengthening of institutional capacities of local self-government units and creating conditions for the participation of our municipalities at large fair events, where numerous potentials of Vojvodina have been successfully promoted.

The director of Vojvodina Development Agency Nikola Žeželj expressed hope that today’s event, as in previous years, will connect domestic and foreign companies, which will increase the export potential of our enterprises and encourage them to enter the supply chain of foreign companies in the territory of APV and abroad.

This year’s “Suppliers’ Day” brought together 190 participants from 85 companies in Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Slovaika, Northern Macedonia, Slovenia and Romania.

Novares, Grundfos, EBM Papst, Dana, Janfeng, Termovent SC, Mechanical and Tractor Industry, Aling Connel, Thermometal, Goma Line, Not Autoflex and others have confirmed their participation.

The event is hosted by Vojvodina Development Agency, with Elmed as a general sponsor.