An agreement was made on the priority projects at the working meeting with the City of Sombor delegation

At the meeting between Igor Mirović, President of the Provincial Government, attended also by Ognjen Bjelić, the Secretary, and the City of Sombor delegation, headed by Dušanka Golubović, the Mayor, it was agreed that – the Provincial Government and the City of Sombor would give impetus to local economic development in the joint implementation of large projects, much more than they had been doing until then.
Mr Mirović stated that implementation of a number of projects had been agreed on, primarily the ones that ensured economic development and employment, followed by projects pertaining to utility infrastructure, as well as the projects for improvement of conditions for education and health care, and last but not least, cultural projects.

– We have agreed to start joint financing of construction of what is going to be an industrial zone in Sombor, in January. We have also spoken about the projects that pertain to agriculture. During the following three years, we will jointly tackle water supply issues in populated settlements on the territory of the City of Sombor. We will undertake certain measures in one primary and one secondary school, on the territory of the City of Sombor – stated the President of the Provincial Government and announced that already in January 2017, following the first competition, funds for several projects would be provided, should the City of Sombor meet the agreed formal requirements.
Dušanka Golubović, the Mayor of Sombor, has reiterated that both short-term and long-term joint and concrete measures have been defined at the meeting, and a good mechanism for further cooperation processes has been made.