Meeting about the harmonisation of projects within cross-border cooperation between Hungary and Serbia

Assistant secretaries for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-Government, Nebojša Drakulić and Jovan Podraščanin, attended today a series of meetings between representatives of the Bács-Kiskun County Development Agency and provincial secretariats, for the purpose of harmonising projects regarding the Hungary- Serbia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme.

As stated on that occasion by Assistant Secretary Nebojša Drakulić, this was one of many meetings regarding generation of projects within Hungary and Serbia cross-border cooperation, which should contribute to specification of project proposals, as well as of other steps in their realisation and application before European funds.
– Fifteen topics were proposed for discussion and eleven projects were considered, which pertained to tourism, environmental protection, cultural heritage, water management, renewable energy sources, and projects pertaining to rail and road transport, Assistant Secretary Drakulić pointed out.

According to Assistant Secretary for Urban Planning and Environmental Protection, Mirjana Laban, the line Secretariat participated in that call with three projects: “Areas Protected from Invasive Species”, which mainly referred to suppression of common ragweed, “Conservation of Great Bustard Habitat”, related to empowerment of that area for eco-tourism and increase in visibility and importance of our natural heritage.

– The third project titled „ Tracking Migratory Birds“, which is based on conservation and protection of the area, inhabited by these birds. At the moment, we are in the phase of application preparation, we have found our partners and in this way, opportunities for financing projects from the EU pre-accession funds will be used. Development of these projects will have multiple effects: natural heritage in the territory of Vojvodina will be preserved, better care will be taken of it, it will become more visible and attractive to tourists, local communities will be developed through tourism and constant communication will be maintained with partners from Hungary- said Mirjana Laban.